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Aubriet    Charles    Dovichi    Jockusch    Sinz    Smith    Trimpin

Frédéric Aubriet, Université de Lorraine, France - "Emploi de la spectrométrie de masse de très haute résolution pour l'analyse non ciblée"

Laurence Charles, Aix-Marseille Université, France - "Mass spectrometry to read codes in synthetic polymers"

Norman Dovichi, University of Notre Dame (IN), USA - "Capillary zone electrophoresis for ultrasensitive proteomics"

Rebecca Jockusch, University of Toronto, Canada - "Properties of Gaseous Biomolecular Ions and Complexes Probed using Action Spectroscopy, Fluorescence and Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)"

Andrea Sinz, Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany - "The Power of Cross-linking/Mass Spectrometry for Protein Structure Analysis"

Richard D. Smith, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland (WA), USA - "New Developments in Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry Based Upon Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulations"

Sarah Trimpin, Wayne State University, Detroit (MI), USA - "Fundamentals and Applications of Novel Ionization Technologies for Mass Spectrometry"



Olivier Laprévote, Université Paris Descartes - "Mass spectrometry in the hospital world: back to the real, and hopes"

Fabien Chirot, Université de Lyon - "Tandem-IMS: from structure to conformational changes"

Elisabetta Boeri-Erba, CEA Grenoble - "The key role of native mass spectrometry in characterizing the structure and dynamics of macromolecular complexes"

Laurent Debrauwer, INRA Toulouse - "Input of stable isotope labeling and high resolution mass spectrometry for metabolism and metabolomics studies in food toxicology"

Caroline West, Université d'Orléans - "La chromatographie supercritique (SFC) : un autre mode chromatographique à coupler à la spectrométrie de masse"

David Benanou, Veolia Environnement - "26 ans de spectrométrie de masse pour un meilleur environnement"

Christophe Jouvet, CNRS & Université Aix-Marseille - "Cold Ions, spectroscopy and mass spectrometry"

Peter Verhaert, Antwerp University, Belgium - "Secretomics for Human Biology and Disease: Reaching the relevant 'Depth"

Elena Gomez, Hydrosciences Montpellier - "Répondre à des questions environnementales à l’aide de la spectrométrie de masse"

Mathieu Gaudin, Technologie Servier, Orléans - "Mass Spectrometry Imaging in Drug Discovery and Development: a powerful tool for drug distribution studies"

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